BluGraph delivers smart solutions for intelligent cities based on state of the art Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. BluGraph finds the perfect balance for specific application demands of customer scenarios in terms of performance, reliability, consistency and cost.

BluGraph provides end to end secure IoT and AI solutions – data collection to application integration. Low power Edge Computing devices with universal sensing capabilities, versatile network connectivity options, highly scalable infrastructure management system and secure enterprise integration capabilities enable BluGraph to deploy these advanced solutions.

BluGraph’s capabilities on Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Time Series data analysis combined with the we are able to leverage on state-of-the-art Deep Learning tools, supporting libraries and infrastructure enable to create customized solutions for specific customer problems scenarios. BluGraph is able to derive most relevant knowledge and information from large data sets using cutting edge analytics tools and methodologies.


Edge Computing

Secure Nodes

Low power data logging

AI capabilities on Nodes

4G/LTE – NB-IoT, LoRa connectivity

Universal Sensing

Cloud computing

Stateless Serverless

Infinitely Scalable

Secure Cloud

Large Scale Provisionable

Artificial Intelligence

Deep Learning

Computer vision

Time Series Analysis



Secure Enterprise Integration

Mobile Apps

Web Apps



Environmental Management Solutions


Flood prediction solutions

BluGraph provides flood management solutions for government agencies in Singapore. Sensors are deployed around the waterways, reservoirs and other key locations in Singapore to measure water level, water flow and rainfall. The data is back-hauled into cloud servers using latest communication technologies of 4G/LTE & NB-IoT (Narrow Band IoT). Data Analytics provide useful insights into the information. The flood prediction system uses weather prediction data on rainfall along with model built based on real-time sensor data in order to predict the rainfall run-off models at various critical points in the waterways.


Indoor Environmental Quality Solutions

The indoor environmental quality system monitors indoor air quality by measuring various air quality parameters such as CO2, temperature, humidity and light intensity. The analytic system uses this information to control the intensity of lights and temperature/fan controls of air-conditioning systems to provide the light ambience and environmental conditions required for the classrooms and lecture theatres.


Environmental Safety Solutions

Lightning Risk Alert System - BluLight Lightning Risk Warning system localises the possibility of lightning into specific location and provides visible and/or audible alerts and messages to stakeholders.

Noise Management System – BluGraph’s Noise management system continuously measures the effective noise with standardised noise measurement system and provides visual analytics and alerts on hazardous noise levels.

Smart Energy Solutions


Smart Energy monitoring solutions

Industrial Energy management solution logs energy usage of industrial equipment and provides analytics to enhance the energy efficiency of the systems. The real time data from the systems are visualised and analysed enabling increased efficiency and reduction in consumption.


Energy Auditing solutions

The energy quality analysis solution system records power quality sampled at very high rates and analyses the quantity and quality of power used to run the train systems at various scenarios over multiple weeks to plan the capacity expansion of the train system.

Security Solutions


BluGraph deploys a number of sensor technologies to implement security solutions. BluGraph’s low power, secure and cost effective solutions stream real time video feeds to centralised cloud server and processes these streams to provide centralised AI enabled video analytics. BluGraph’s capabilities include the following:

* Face detection

* Face matching

* Object detection

* Object counting

* Object removal

* Intrusion detection

* People counting

* People density monitoring

* Fire and smoke detection

* Number plate recognition

The technologies are applied to a number of solutions including the systems such as:

* Intelligent surveillance solutions

* Remote access and Vision based security

* AI enabled visitor access solutions

* Automatic Vehicle access and management solutions

* Automated vision based attendance system


Digital Transformation Services using Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence technologies

BluGraph offers digital transformation services. The wide range of IoT solutions enables customers to systematically acquire relevant data and store them in efficient and cost effective methods. The data clean up and transform services are provided to prepare collected data suitable for analytics engines. BluGraph’s expert team of advisors from both universities and prominent industries are able to advise on complex problems and provide balanced solutions. Secure enterprise integration of the AI solutions is a special capability of BluGraph.

Advanced cloud infrastructure solutions

BluGraph provides solutions to build large scale data management systems. We provide advance cloud infrastructure services to customers to run their application and services on compute infrastructure platforms.

BluGraph specialises in providing:

* Reliable, secure, scalable, performing, distributed and cost effective cloud solutions

* Vendor independent, migration ready solutions

* Customer’s applications scenario based services architecture

* Continuous delivery and deployment pipelines

Maintenance Management System service

BluGraph offers comprehensive maintenance management system as a service. The system is able to host users with maintenance management, supervisor and operator roles in an organisation and able to schedule, log and monitor and report maintenance activities.


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